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Mega Skater
Mega Skater

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PostSubject: MESSAGE TO ALL... Edge   Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:12 am

First topic message reminder :

To all active fingerboarders,

Im Lance Pintacasi a.k.a. EDGE founder of TEAM MANILA FINGERBOARDS author of Battle at Ibarra and a friend to you all. I'd like to update you on our current status and let's see where we are now.

I've been playing fb for exactly 1 year and here's my observation on the so called "SCENE". When I started there's two forum that caters fingerboarding in the Philippines. The first one is TAPFB "The All Pinoy Fingerboards" and Confisk8s. Way back in July last year forums are like ghost towns unlike philmusic or other forums, TAPFB and Confisk8s have very very few "active" members it won't reach ten. (Sino sino ba sila? Eto naaalala ko si LORD4DORK, Gnoj31, Leif, Fbjking, Fingersk8mike, Si Robin haha sa confisk8s naman Hithitman, F1fth, Crlcrack) Tech deck played a very big role in making our scene grow most of us started playing with TD. After the Tech Deck tournment last Oct 2009 a lot of us are acquainted and our numbers multiplied.

Try to reminisce last year there are only two teams CONFISK8S and RAILWOOD pardon me but do you remember how overrated RAILWOOD is? Damn! I also remember how Gary bad mouthed Bike to all of us he wanted us to avoid him (I think because he's afraid to lose customers last year because I buy fingerboards like nuts). Most of us back then have stories to tell about Bike for me it was totally the opposite. Im not a Bike nuthugger just giving him credit for introducing me to superior quality fingerboards and stuffs and admit it you too. A lot of negative feedbacks and accusations were thrown to Bike back then but when I spoke with him the first time damn he’s the best guy you’ll ever transact with. (Sino ba naman di mamumura ni Bike eh kung oorder ka tas pag ok na cacancellin, dami pa di nag babayad) So what I did I posted a picture of DFB with Hi end wheels and Riptape in TAPFB to see how Gary would react (and to piss him off) and believe me it was a milestone a lot of people sought for hi end products and bearing wheels hit it big and made it into mainstream. And now see how many of us here have bearing wheels? More than the number of active forumers last year. And for me that’s a success for all us when it comes to innovation and fingerboard technology and yes it’s expensive but we enjoy the silky smooth roll it provides unlike stock wheels.

The Birth of the TEAMS

Sometime in December 09 I was really really pissed on how Gary boasted Team Railwood (Gary: Lance, guest ang team railwood sa unang hirit ah… Lance: Railwood po ba o mga tech deck tournament champion? Gary: (Medyo pahiya) Well technically they’re all railwood members). I also remember when he promised sponsorship on team members that will join the TD tournament as expected it’s all just a pigment of his imagination. I also remember an aspiring player who asked how to join Railwood Gary replied you have to attend 20 meet ups etc and the last requirement is to BUY and USE RAILWOOD PRODUCTS. No disrespect to the whole Railwood management but Gary pulled you down. One Saturday evening me and Gnoj talked about how pissed we are on Gary and I told him why don’t we create our own team. We carefully selected our members I asked Doms (Kasperation, my schoolmate) to join our team and then I ask Lawiboi as well. Gnoj recruited Leif and Lawi recruited Mike and then Team Manila Fingerboards was born. We conducted sesh and we met team confisk8s in person and damn they’re all so kind. Then there’s Korn who founded Team Clark and everything went well for the scene Team Laguna sprouted, EMF was made, Spititout and QC. And the best thing about it is the Harmony between teams there’s no unhealthy competition and up to this moment we keep on expanding.

What can we expect?

Personally I’ve organize many sesh’s and two competitions and all of it was successful and I can say that all of us are winners. I will do my very best to create or engineer an event for the benefit and my love for the scene. I urge all of you to help the scene grow for us to have more players to play with and more people to be friends with. I pity those who didn’t believe in my advocacies and to all who supported it I guess you wouldn’t be here if you regretted it. This coming November I’m organizing an event “Battle at Manila” this is for the benefit of all fingerboarders. I challenge you guys to bring it and of course be involved as much as possible for us make this event BIG and successful. The event is for each and every one of us and this time lets help each other to execute this please fuck the freeloaders don’t give me headaches if you have nothing to relevant to contribute just be quiet you’re so much welcome to attend the event.

Bring it on this november!!! Battle at Manila!!!

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PostSubject: Re: MESSAGE TO ALL... Edge   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:49 am

lawiboi wrote:
baka di ako makapunta

pakyu ka lawi bakla ka! ilalabas ko scandal mo pag di ka nagpunta

KOrn 3:16 "Bike Vergara for President!"
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Intermediate Skater
Intermediate Skater

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PostSubject: Re: MESSAGE TO ALL... Edge   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:43 pm

Ang lupet...im sure present ang lahat ng members ng teal LAGUNA dito 100%

hindi pwedeng hindi pumunta..

Excited na ako magnovember
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PostSubject: Re: MESSAGE TO ALL... Edge   

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